• First Time Float Special
    60 MINUTES
    90 MINUTES
    120 MINUTES
    Four Sessions Per Month
    No Annual Contract/ Sauna Sessions Rollover!
    1 Float Per Month
    Share Floats With 1 Authorized Users
    2 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    Complimentary Use of Normatec Pulse Massage
    Discounted Single Floats $47
    No Annual Contract/ Floats Rollover!
    2 Floats Per Month
    Share Floats With 2 Authorized Users
    3 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    Complimentary Use of Normatec Pulse Massage
    Discounted Single Floats $47
    No Annual Contract/ Floats Rollover!
    4 Floats Per Month
    Share Floats With 3 Authorized Users
    4 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    Complimentary Use of Normatec Pulse Massage
    Discounted Single Floats $47
    No Annual Contract/ Floats Rollover!
    3 Float Therapy Sessions
    Infrared Sauna Sessions
    NormaTec Pulse Sessions
    3 Float Therapy Sessions
    2 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    NormaTec Pulse Sessions
    Transferable/No Expiration
    6 Float Therapy Sessions
    2 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    2 NormaTec Pulse Sessions
    Transferable/No Expiration
    25 Float Therapy Sessions
    10 Infrared Sauna Sessions
    10 NormaTec Pulse Sessions
    Transferable/No Expiration

Cancellation and No Show Policy

  • Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the appointment will result in a full refund being issued or store session being replenished. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment time an no shows will result in a $25 charge with no refund or the usage of a stored session except for in extraordinary circumstances.

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  • Meghan Clancy   

    "I floated today with Tampa Floats... first time floating and was blown away by the experience. The spa was very clean and has a great atmosphere to it. Cannot wait to come back to do more float sessions!"

    Merle Sardis-Brown   

    "Loved every minute of it. Will tell all my friends to try it. In our busy lives we need this!"

    Katie Brennan   

    Super clean and beautiful facility. Had a super relaxing float experience. Would definitely come back!

    Vicki Lynn Fox   

    "I was there Yesterday & Floated For an Hour...It was so Amazing & Relaxing....I Slept Better than I have in Years!!!....I Highly Recommend it + it was so Clean & Very Friendly! A++ Thanks Again! "

    Jasmine May   

    "I had a pleasant experience at Tampa Floats. It was very relaxing. I look forward to my next visit."

    Danialle DuPree   

    This space is lovely, clean and mindfully decorated. The float tank and float rooms are immaculate, simple spaces to allow for relaxation. I'm so glad they opened in the Carrollwood area - I'm looking forward to many more floats!

    Kerri Theodore   

    "Highly recommend this service for anyone who suffers from stress and tension. Better than seeing a chiropractor for the body and better than a counselor for stress. It even relieved the blocked ears and jet lag from my recent trip to Europe. Book it, do it now!"

    Morgan Jade   

    The owner is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions about the float tank experience. I haven't personally floated yet, but my boyfriend and his friend did and absolutely loved it. I plan on returning to book my own float session sometime soon!

    Orestes Fonseca   

    This place is amazing. Great staff, very professional. They explained very clear how everything worked and were very welcoming. I loved the Floating Therapy, never really felt so comfortable in my life. I was able to disconnect from everything and get some quality rest. Definitely works great as a stress reliever.

    Lucky Natasha   

    "AMAZING for my first time experience & it's very clean, I like it very much!!!
    So I be back & I will do it again."

    Debbie Leis   

    "Never felt so relaxed! Great experience! Will definitely be back ."

    Ryan Breheney   

    "Great experience. Never been one to go out of my way for therapeutic/relaxation experiences but this was really good. I will be a return customer, for sure."

    Jen Lyn   

    As a first time floater (and mother of a busy one year old) I have to say my experience was beyond what I was expecting! It was relaxing, refreshing, and just what my tired body needed. I love that they have a float room for anyone who is a little skeptical to start with the pod 😉 I definitely will be back and I'm telling all my friends to check it out too!

    Theresa Elizabeth   

    "I've been hearing about float therapy and sensory deprivation for years -- ever since I lived in NYC. I have always been wanting to try it. Last night was my first time and it was AMAZING. I was so relaxed, my skin felt better, and I had the best nights sleep I've had in months. The leg compression massagers are a MUST after floating. I will be back."

    Travis Gullett   

    "Anyone who is looking to keep their body feeling refreshed from the stress of exercise or just day to day life in general needs to do this! Takes about 10 minutes to fully relax but once you do its a great feeling. I actually feel asleep I was so relaxed. On top of that the staff is awesome and makes sure you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed before and after floating. The whole experience here is top notch."

    Ray Ferrara   

    "This was my very first float. Alex greeted me warmly and made me feel at home. It was a wonderful experience. The place is super clean. After my hour was up, I was free from any back pain or tension anywhere."

    Jason Thomassy   

    Tampa Floats does floating right. Friendly, comfortable and clean. Tampa Floats provides a great value and an even better experience. I walked into Tampa Floats as a first timer with stress and muscle soreness/tightness. I had no idea what to expect with my first float experience. Tampa Floats began relieving my stress the second I walked through the door. Everyone involved with this business is warm, inviting and knowledgeable. They really create a great experience. After an hour float I felt lighter and my body felt better than after any massage I've ever had. I recommend this to EVERYONE!

    Steve Parisian   

    It was an amazing, relaxing experience. I had an bicep injury that I had hoped this would help feel better, and it did. The benefits of the 850#'s of epsom was tremendous. Thanks

    Michelle Brennan   

    Loved this whole experience! Wonderful service and clean facility. Top notch!

    Racer Rayne   

    "Very nice facility! Highly recommend floating here."

    Nick Parrucci   

    "I've been floating since 1986. (Before the owners were born, I'm told! :)) The folks at Tampa Floats are just starting out, but their focus on the core competency of a float center - a great float experience - is very promising. I look forward to many more 1 and 2 hour sessions. Decor and accent touches can come later. Right now, just keep up the good work of having a clean, well maintained, comfortable, spacious, relaxing place to float! Of all your options for floating in the Tampa Bay area, Tampa Floats stands far above them all."

    Kevin Corado   

    Rejuvenated & relaxing can't wait to try again
    Best way to gather your thoughts gets your mind right ‼️

    Nadine Ellen Keris   

    Amazing experience physically and mentally ! Highly recommend

    Lexi Rigau   

    "I really enjoyed my first floating experience! I came out feeling very calm and refreshed. It really takes your mind off things and your body feels much less tense. Highly recommended!"