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This Month's Float Ambassador is Ivan Vila!


What brought you in to Tampa Floats for the first time?


Kind of a funny story. I heard about floating from my boss, who had experience it a few years back and told me about the great benefits of floating. He described the “Tetha” State as a way to hit the reset button, I also did the research about how it opens your mind to fresh ideas and since my job requires a significant amount of creative thinking, I immediately went online and booked my first appointment at Tampa Floats as a way to end my work week and start the weekend refreshed.


What is your time like in the float tank?


Peace and Harmony! In most cases it takes me a few minutes to unwind and get into relaxation mode, but usually 15 minutes into my float, I am “Out”!  I love the fact that the temperature of the water matches the temperature of your skin and after a few minutes, it becomes difficult to tell when your body ends and the water begins.  I usually float on Friday’s as a way to hit that “reset” right before the weekend starts.


Do you experience benefits from floating afterwards?


Absolutely. Not only I am refreshed, I also experience higher levels of energy right after; recharged. I usually sleep better at night after a floating session and the next day my body feels “Ready to Roll!!!”


Do you like the float pod or float room better?


I am a big guy, therefore the float room is easier and convenient for me. However, I have experienced the Pod and it’s pretty large for the average person out there.


What can we do to improve your experience at the Tampa Floats?


The service at Tampa Floats is amazing! the only thing I would recommend is possibly two hour float time options on less busy days, and more pods. So I can float even more often!!


Anything else you would like to share?


I think that just like most people can fit and exercise regimen or a diet into their lifestyles, they should be able to fit a float routine as well. The benefits of floating for your mind and body are amazing. Floating is an activity that I would recommend to everyone regardless of age and/or lifestyle.  Take your time and FLOAT!


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