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With April being Stress Awareness month, it is only fitting that this month’s blog be dedicated to the benefits floating has on relieving stress.

The elimination of stimuli inherent in sensory deprivation is a key component in stress relief.

An hour floating becomes an escape from all of life’s stressors including phone notifications, noisy traffic, and boisterous children. During the time in the tanks, floaters feel at ease removed from their normal environment and a sense of safety and total freedom overcomes them. This euphoria provides relief for the body to combat stress with lowered blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels, the body’s creator of stress hormones. Stress-related problems were the number one reason people visited their physicians last year with a whopping 75% of them having stress as their main concern (APA). Float therapy is changing the way society copes with elevated stress levels and I see how it is changing lives everyday at Tampa Floats Wellness Center. Floaters leave the center with a calming disposition enhanced with an optimistic outlook on the challenges ahead in their lives; and that’s a special community to be a part of.