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With the holiday season fast-approaching, the average daily stress in the workplace and at home will soon be usurped by planning family get-together’s, purchasing gifts, and navigating the seasonal traffic. In preparation for the increased stress that looms ahead, it is essential that we make every attempt to lower our stress levels and show up every day as our best selves. For me, Floating for Stress Relief, or achieving supreme relaxation through sensory deprivation, alleviates the various types of stress humans deal with on a daily basis and I’m not alone.

Neuropsychologist Justin Feinstein has been monitoring “floaters” and has discovered, through “scanning the brains of healthy people before and after they float, and by comparing the two images, they’ll see how floating changes areas of activation in the brain”(Click for Full Article) . The meditative benefits of an hour in the float pod combat the brain’s response to anxiety, depression, and physical pain leaving the floater with less stress and lower blood pressure than before they came in.

As a result of the victory over unnecessary stress, a clear mind couples with the body’s peaked energy levels for optimal physical strength and endurance, enhanced focus, and an overall zest to perform at the best of your abilities. The positive effects experienced through floatation therapy will assist in living a stress-free life.