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So, you’re getting ready to head for a lovely vacation in Tampa, and you
are looking into all the excellent things there is to see and do here.
However, with endless amazing spots, sights and experiences it can be
hard to decide.

Lucky for you the global travel agency Flight Network frequently
releases great blog posts in which they recommend different hotels,
restaurants, bars, tours and events in great cities around the world.

Flight Network just published a blog post about Tampa called “Sun and
Fun in Tampa for 72 Hours” where they have found the very best spots
that they recommend people go see and try while in the area.
Of course there is all the standard things to do like going to the beach
and try some great food, but Flight Network also recommends that you
come treat yourself at our spa.

They suggest you come try our different and unique spa experience; our
very popular flotation therapy. This is an all-natural and holistic
treatment where you are guaranteed to leave feeling absolutely amazing
and relaxed. And as Flight Network says: “…so ready to explore the city.”

Flight Network is a leading global travel agency and when they
recommend places it is certainly worth listening too if you are looking
for an incredible travel experience.

At Tampa Floats Wellness Center we are certainly happy to help make
your vacation extra incredible. So make sure to book with us so you can
try our floatation therapy or one of our other treatments to really treat
yourself to a good, relaxing time on your vacation.