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Carolyn has been a floats ambassador ever since she tried it for the first time in the early 2000’s because she valued floating as a springboard for people to be healed, both physically and spiritually, in their time spent in the magical tanks. So when Tampa Floats opened close to her, we welcomed her zest for the float community and are honored to have her as a valued member today. After accumulating a handful of float sessions from the rollover membership policy, Carolyn opted to float an astounding 18 out of 20 days and she was kind enough to share her experience with us.

“The first thing I noticed was my skin was so soft; it felt like butter which made my skin feel younger and healthier. My hair was happy and soft in a full and healthy shine“.

Carolyn expressed that, during her float journey, her posture improved dramatically and her spine felt relief for the first time in a while from chronic slouching. Her nagging shoulder injury pains disappeared and the swelling of her ankles significantly reduced. The physical benefits emanated from her disposition. The smile on her face during the interview told it all; floating was something important in her life.

“During this time my intuition was really on point. The synchronicities were more frequent than normal. I was very in tune with the universe and it was like I tapped into a place of magical knowledge”.

Carolyn’s deep meditation practices on her journey produced increased mindfulness and tranquility. Her anxiety sailed far away and she was better equipped to handle stressful situations. Devoid of stress and irritations, floating daily left her feeling calm, cool and collected.

“I really didn’t know what to expect floating this often, but I loved it and now feel addicted to the Floaty Feeling of just being weightlessly gliding towards inner peace”.

Those of us who have floated can all relate to this unique feeling Carolyn experienced from her floating adventures. Tampa Floats is proud to contribute to the wins that happen within the float community and we hope to touch as many people’s lives as possible. Who’s going to be next to embark on a personal float journey?