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Yes. For many reasons. We start with the highest quality of salt you can get, USP grade Epsom Salt made in the USA. 1,000lbs of salt in the water creates “the high salt effect”: According to Dr. Oscar Pancorbo (Director of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Analytical Division and Station Chief of the Wall Experiment Station in Lawrence, MA), “No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above approximately 10 percent.” With a solution of at least 25% salt, the float tank is above and beyond the level of pathogenic decomposition. On top of those natural safeguards, we add a rigorous sanitation and filtration regimen: In between each client, the entire content of the float tank passes through the micron-sized filter 3 times! Also in between each float Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is added to the solution, which oxidizes impurities and breaks down into water and oxygen. For anything that does not react to H2O2, a small amount of Chlorine is added to the filtration system weekly. This stays in the filtration system and binds with impurities, making sure they stay put. The filtration cartridge is then cleaned and maintained. To top it off, the walls and ceiling of the float tank are wiped down and sprayed with colloidal silver, ensuring that all components are attended to. Also, since we require a shower with soap before your float and a bathing suit is not necessary, The amount of impurities coming into the tank are kept at a bare minimum. Our water is crystal clear, and when you come out of your float you may notice how clean you feel. Epsom Salt is amazing stuff, and human bodies tend to love it.