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There doesn’t seem to be a bad time to float. The experience won’t disrupt your ability to go about your day, and you’ll most likely be more coherent and capable than when you went in. A morning float is a fantastic start to a coherent day, an afternoon is a wonderful refresher, and an evening float can help you integrate your day, plan for tomorrow, and unwind for a restful night of sleep. After a workout, floating helps to recover quickly, gain mental clarity, and maximize your benefits of training. Successful athletes know that rest is as important as activity, and a float pod is the ultimate rest machine. Floating before an important event of any kind is tremendous help to your ability to be present and perform. Floating after healing sessions of all types has been shown to amplify the effects of the therapy. Offering Infrared Sauna and Normatec Pulse Massage is our way of trying to give a complete health recovery environment to our clients. As a side effect we’ve created one of the most satisfying spa-type experiences available.